If the NFL draft existed in the premier league……..

Tonight sees 32 of college football brightest prospects be drafted by a professional NFL team. The draft, a centrepiece in the NFL season is what keeps the NFL competitive, with the worst performing teams getting the top picks and choosing the best players.

There are arguments that some sort of wage cap or cap on spending would help the premier league become even more competitive but what would happen if a draft system existed?

What if each team could pick one player from any rival?

Based on league position I thought I would have a bit of fun and apply a draft scenario to each premier league team (with the exception of WBA who have already pretty much been relegated) taking a player from another team to strengthen their own.

So working from last to first, on the clock first……..

Stoke – a no brainer. The best player available and it has to be Mo Salah. Stoke have struggled for goals and Salah would inject both pace and much needed goals – considering he has scored 11 more than the whole team combined.

Southampton – are struggling for goals but are also leaking goals left right and centre. The solution? Bringing back Virgil Van Dijk. A towering presence and a leader, Van Dijk would bring some much needed stability to a very wobbly back line.

Swansea – another team massively struggling for goals, they have only scored 27 all season. Therefore Harry Kane seems the logical pick. Guaranteed to score at least 20 a season (and claim several others) Kane could provide the firepower the Swans would desperately need.

Huddersfield – despite a precarious league position, David Wagner insists on playing pretty football. A team with technical ability and an insistence to keep the ball on the deck, I think Eden Hazard would be a welcome addition to Wagner’s side.

West Ham – they have been trying to secure their striking position for a few years now but still haven’t found an out and out number 9. The search is now over, with the drafting of Romelu Lukaku who would bring pace, power and the goals that West Ham crave.

Crystal Palace – another team that have shipped a lot of goals. A commanding centre back is needed and I think Toby Alderweireld would be the perfect solution.

Brighton – a great first season, they don’t score many but keep it tight at the back. I think they need a player to unlock defences and I think Kevin De Bruyne could be the man they need.

Watford – are another side that lack a real goal scorer. Based off his excellent season Gabriel Jesus would add to the list of clever young playmakers that the hornets have and he would provide a nice clinical edge up front.

Bournemouth – rarely win to nil and need to be more solid. I think Ngolo Kante could be the type of player they desperately need.

Newcastle – need a new icon and are another team that need strengthening up front. A team that has been blessed with out and out goalscorers in the past can see a new hero join their ranks through Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

Leicester – would love another forward player to compliment Vardy and Mahrez and I think David Silva would be the pick for the foxes.

Everton – steady and solid but need a difference maker in those tight games. I think Christian Eriksen is an Everton type player and would instantly become their new talisman.

Burnley – an amazing season for the clarets and they have been so strong all over the pitch. However they lack pace, so I think Sadio Mane would be the ideal option to help Burnley on their European mission.

Arsenal – need a defender and a leader. Although he has fitness issues, could Vincent Kompany be the man to help propel Arsenal to another title push?

Chelsea – the Morata project hasnt really paid off and I feel Chelsea are missing a real goal scorer. They have been linked numerous times with Sergio Aguero in the past and now could be the time for him to move down South.

Tottenham – lack real pace going forward. Leroy Sane is the man that would add a new dimension to the Tottenham attack and help add to the youthful blend Pochettino seems keen on implementing.

Liverpool – seem to have the pieces in place for a real title challenge however, they still have a question to answer at the goal keeper position. Could you imagine the scenes when Jurgen Klopp unveils David De Gea as the new Anfield shot stopper!

Man Utd – have no real weaknesses but when I look at the Utd side I think they lack a quality full back. Young has done well but would Marco Alonso recently voted the leagues best left back be a solid upgrade?

City – how do you improve a team that seemingly has everything? Earlier this year when Sane went down injured, Guardiola, put a bid in for Mahrez so does he thinks he needs another creative midfielder? Although he would need to adjust to Pep’s demand of the high press, Mezut Ozil could be another high class operator added to the City ranks.

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